Environmental facts

WOOD: Illegal logging of the worlds rain forests is a massive environmental problem. Our shops, garden centres and DIY stores are full of garden furniture made from illegal sources of wood.
Hard wood flooring also coming from ever depleting rainforests is another fashion craze to hit town. It is possible to buy hard woods that are grown from sustainable forestry practices and these have the FSC stamp on it. FSC WOOD OUTLETS IN THE UK Hardwood Flooring in Middlesex and Bristol.
UK BUYING DIRECTORY FOR FSC WOOD Directory of outlets in UK who specialise in FSC/PEFC wood.
If you already have wooden floor boards and you want sanded floors and you care about the environment then my advice is to restore what you already have. Most floors look a mess when you remove that lino or carpet, but 99% of floors when sanded look great. The sanding process removes all that old paint and dirt and missing boards can easily be replaced.

Please try to find out more about Illegal logging. The UK is one of the largest importers of illegal hard woods from Ancient Rainforests. The problem is mainly due to the ignorance of the public as on the whole we are a caring nation, its just a matter of being informed. Demand creates a market. Some links below will help you to understand the problem.
ILLEGAL LOGGING Greenpeace information site.
OXFAM. COOL PLANET Explains the effects of deforestation.

VARNISH: The varnish I use is water based I don't use nasty chemicals that cause very strong and dangerous odours for the occupants of the house.

Carpets make the perfect home for dust mites so if you have a dust allergy or asthma it makes sense to have your floors sanded and throw away those thick fitted carpets. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye.To find out more follow the link. THE HEALTHY FLOORING NETWORK


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